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  • Concrete Pump Truck
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  • 40FT Flatbed Semi-Trailer with Tri-Axle
Concrete Pump Truck

Concrete Pump Truck

Key Specifications / Features

Emission Standard: Euro 5
Engine Type: MAN SE.
Engine Power: 310hp.
Wheel Base: 5200mm.
Maximum Speed: 90km/h.
Tyre Size: 12.00R20 18PR.
Maximum Height of Frame: 37m.
Frame Horizontal Fabric Radius: 33.4m.
Fabric Depth: 26.5m.
Arms Rotation Angle: 90/180/180/235/235.
Frame Control Mode: Proportional Control of Load-sensitive.
Frame Quantity: 5.
Folding Pattern: RZ type.
Brick Tower Rotation Angle: 370°.
Longitudinal Distance Between Front and Rear Support Legs: 6947mm.
Support Leg Opening Mode: X-R.
Concrete Conveying Diameter: 125mm.
Electric Control: 24V.
Wireless Remote Control Brand: HBC or OHM.
Hydraulic System Type: Opening.
Working Pressure of the Hydraulic System: 31.5Mpa.
Main Hydraulic Pump Brand: Rexroth or Push.
Frame Multiway Valve Brand: HAWE or RADK-TECH.
Capacity of Hydraulic Tank: 500L.
Hydraulic Cleaning Device: Himore.
Concrete Piston Brand: Made in China.
Maximum Height of Loading: 1450mm.
Hopper Volume: 0.65m³.
Pumpable Concrete Slump: 160-220.
Allowable Maximum Aggregate Size: 40mm.
Lubrication Method: Centralized Lubrication.
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