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DongFeng mixer truck

DongFeng mixer truck

1,Basic Parameter
Overall Length/Width/Height (mm): 7585x2500x3720
Curb Weight (kg): 7600
Chassis Brand and Model: Dongfeng EQ1180G
Wheelbase(mm): 3800
Front / Rear overhang (mm): 1500 / 2150
Approach / Departure Angle: 20-/13-
Front / Rear wheel distance (mm): 1940 /1860
2, Chassis Specification
Engine: YC4S160-50
Engine Type Line cylinder, Water cooling, Turbo
Max HP and Power (km/rpm) 160HP, 118KW
Engine Displacement: 3767ml
Fuel Type: Diesel
Emission Level: Euro 5
Gearbox Model: Fast 8JS85T
Gear Specification: 8 advance gear, 1 reverse gear
Carframe Specification: 250/7+4
Carframe Section Height: 250mm
Section Width: 80mm
Section Thickness: 7+4
Front Axle Description: Forge steel beam axle, H shape beam section
Front axle load(kg): 5000
Rear Axle Description: Single reduction axle, welding axlecase
Rear axle load(kg): 10000
Rear axle speedratio: 5.26
Suspension Spring Type: Multi leaves steel plate spring
 Suspension Spring Specification: Front 9 leaves, Rear 13 leaves
Brake system: Service brake: Duo loop air brake, steel tube with dryer
Parking brake: Cut-off air brake
Steering system: Hydraulic power steering
Fuel Tank Cubage: 300L
Tyre Qty: 6 wheels
Tyre Specification: 10.00R20 14PR
3, Modification Describtion
Geometric volume of mixer drum: 6 CBM
Max mixing cubage: 4 CBM
Feeding speed: 3 CBM
Discharging speed: ≧3 CBM
Leftover Rate: 0.3%
Max ratating speed of mixer drum: 14-16 (r/min)
Mixer drum obliquity: 5-10 Degree
Mixer drum diameter: 2050mm
Hydraulic pump: SAO/interpump
Hydraulic motor: SAO/interpump
Water supply mode: Water pump
FOB (Shanghai):
1, Quotation expiry: 30 days
2,Delivery Term: Around 25 working days since receive deposit
3,Payment Term: 30% deposit, 70% balance paid before delivery
4, Shipping type: Container, RO-RO, Bulk
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