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Crane Truck

Crane Truck

Series Model specification Item Technical Parameters
QY Series Crane truck QY25K- Power System Spec. Supplier WeichaiOptional
Emission standard Euro
Model WD615.329SC8DK280Q3
Rated power 213kw
Rated torque 1160N.m
Dimensions  L*W*H 12650*2500*3380mm
Wheel base 4425+1350mm
Load capacity Total weight 29400kg
Axle loadfront axle/rear axle 6200/23200kg
Max.tractionStandard 85kN
Operating Device Spec. Max rated lifting weight 25000kg
Max lifting height of basic arm 1010kN·m
Max lifting height of the longest boom 34.19m
Bboom full extension/extract time 30S
Max driving speed 75km/h
Min stable driving speed 2.9km/h
Max gradebility 30°
Ground clearance 275mm
Brake distance 10m
Min. turning diameter 21.5m
Tank Capacity Fuel Consumption of 100-kilometer 37L
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