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  • 40FT Flatbed Semi-Trailer with Tri-Axle
  • 40FT Flatbed Semi-Trailer with Tri-Axle
Concrete Pump Truck

Concrete Pump Truck

Chassis: Steyr

Emission standard: National V

Engine model: German MAN

Engine power: 310hp

Wheelbase: 5200mm

Maximum travel speed: 90km/h

Tire specification: 12.00R20 18 layers

The maximum vertical height of the skeleton: 37m

Skeleton horizontal cloth radius: 33.4m

Fabric depth: 26.5m

Rotation angle of each section arm: 90/180/180/235/235

Skeleton control mode: load-sensitive proportional control

Number of skeletons: 5

Frame folding method: RZ type

Rotation angle of brick tower: 370°

Longitudinal distance between front and rear legs: 6947mm

Outrigger opening method: X-R

Concrete conveying diameter: 125mm

Electrical control power supply: 24V

Wireless remote control brand: HBCor OHM

Hydraulic system type: open

Hydraulic system working pressure: 31.5Mpa

Main hydraulic pump brand: Rexroth or Push

Skeleton multi-way valve brand: HAWE or RADK-TECH

Hydraulic oil tank volume: 500L

Hydraulic cleaning: black cat

Concrete piston brand: domestic

Maximum feeding height: 1450mm

Hopper volume: 0.65m³

Pumpable concrete slump: 160-220

Maximum allowable aggregate size: 40mm

Lubrication method: centralized lubrication 

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